Behind the Scenes of the First Urban Sketching Festival in Świdnica - August 2022

Behind the Scenes of the First Urban Sketching Festival in Świdnica - August 2022

Dive into the vibrant world of urban sketching as I share my experiences from the first-ever Urban Sketching Festival in Świdnica, filled with artistic adventures and unexpected weather twists.

In this short article, I want to share my sketches and experiences from the first Urban Sketching Festival in Świdnica, which took place from August 11 to 14, 2022.

hotel The festival poster on the doors of our beautiful hotel - Barokowy Zakątek theatre ids All quiet and prepared before the Festival opening sketch My favorite sketch from Świdnica. I used the Koh-i-noor Magical Pencil a lot those days

The festival was organized by Urban Sketchers Poland, of which I am one of the administrators, in cooperation with the Świdnica Cultural Centre. Additionally, we received a grant from Urban Sketchers as one of five chapters that year to support the organization of the festival. org Org team! From the left: Dora Pindur, Justyna Wojnowska, me and Marta Ciućka mohan From the lecture by Mohan Banerji, visiting from Urban Sketchers Reading/London sketch The cathedral is much, much taller than on my sketch - but I wanted to make it fit!

With approximately 150 attendees, the preparation spanned over six months. It was my first time participating in the organization of an event of such magnitude, and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of the year. As part of the core organizing team consisting of four people, we made decisions at every stage of the project, from designing posters to selecting workshop locations. Hundreds of little details were meticulously recorded, organized, delegated, and executed according to a timeline—a task I thoroughly enjoy! Planning projects, whether it's a trip, a new work feature, a series of illustrations, or an event like this one, is one of my favorite things in the world.

church Preparing for the Instagram Live with Justyna and Dora

church church church church Church of Peace is one of the main attractions in the city - on the UNESCO World Heritage List

During the festival, despite the tremendous help from volunteers, I didn't have much time for sketching. To be honest, I didn't have many expectations, but I hadn't realized how many little things require attention when organizing an event of this scale. Even during moments of calmness, one's mind remains alert, expecting another minor issue to arise and need immediate attention.

However, the participants' joy more than compensates for the hours put into organizing the event. As the festival came to a close, and people came to express their gratitude, I felt deeply touched; I had contributed to the creation of this amazing experience!

pressionism A sketch rushed and interrupted by the rain. I loved the name that another sketcher - Anka - gave to such quick sketches: "presjonizm", which is a play on Polish words meaning pressure and impressionism sketch sketch Thanks to our co-organiser, Świdnica Cultural Centre, the participants could visit the old town hall tower for free

The weather was characterized by clouds and occasional showers, which, in its imperfection, was perfect. This is what urban sketching is all about — capturing the world around us as it is in the moment and using the circumstances as inspiration for a sketch. The weather isn't always sunny, especially in Poland, but we are still able to find something interesting around us or discover a new spot while seeking a comfortable and dry sketching location.

sketch When a sudden rain came, a big group of festival participants hid under the arcades near the Main Square

church Drink&Draw in the darkness

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group photo group photo Every day we took a group photo of sketchers and their sketches

sketch group photo Post-festival sketching with a group of sketchers I dragged with me to see the Red Baron replica

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