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Hello, traveler! I'm Katarzyna Kosiak, an artist who likes to dabble in different mediums and forms of visual arts. I grew up in Northern Poland but moved to the beautiful city of Kraków in 2013 to pursue studies in applied computer science. After living there for almost ten years, I finally achieved my dream of fully remote work. I hope to keep traveling during winters and staying in Poland during warmer seasons. I'm currently based in Toruń, Poland. Art has always been a part of my life, although there was a few-year-long period during my early twenties when it wasn't one of my priorities. After finishing my studies, I once again had more time to create art, and since then, it has been an important element of my weekly routine. These days, I mostly practice urban sketching and I'm an active member of Urban Sketchers organization, but I'm also developing my personal projects - maps from my travels, short stories, and the biggest project so far: my first book, "Rooted in Nature", which is available on Amazon in English and Polish. My other interests include language self-study (currently learning Korean and Spanish), biking, and fulfilling my dreams of traveling the world.





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